Churches of the Godhead

The five aspects of the Godhead (Right Hand, Left Hand, Body, Soul and Heart) are all revered upon the world of Serindar. For each aspect, there exist a number of churches dedicated to their worship. Whilst the denominational differences between the churches have been known to lead to deep ideological schisms, out and out hostilities between the divergent organisations are astoundingly rare.

The Holy Holding Church The Right Hand
Lawful Good
Community, Good, Healing, Law, Protection
The largest and most powerful church on Serindar, the Holy Holding Church has extended its reach to every land across the world. Focussed on the caring and nurturing elements of the Right Hand’s aspect, the clergy of the Holy Holding Church lead their followers in the ways of care and love for their fellow people. They act as the primary source of healing in most communities as well as the stalwart bastions of protection that the people can turn to in times of hardship.

The Knights of Zwei The Right Hand and The Left Hand
Lawful Neutral
Destruction, Law, Liberation, Protection, Strength, War
Holding both hands of the Godhead in equal reverence, the Knights of Zwei are the most militant church of Godhead. With the highest concentration of paladins and true warrior priests amongst their ranks, they are always ready to fight in the name of the two hands. Whether they are called upon to protect the faithful or destroy the unholy, the Knights of Zwei stand ready to serve.

The Wardens The Body
Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Sun, Water, Weather
As the guardians of the natural world, the Wardens exist as a loosely affiliated group of wildly different practitioners who are united by their reverence for creation. Across Serindar, there are those who call themselves Wardens as they stand vigil on various different natural sites. Whilst they accept that people and their creations are also made from the stuff of the Body, they see nature as a purer and truer form of that material that must be kept safe.

The Seventh Congregation The Body
Lawful Good
Community, Nobility, Water, Weather
The last remaining church on the Naraic Islands, the Seventh Congregation is a family that holds together the diverse inhabitants of the islands. Preaching a gospel of acceptance and compassion whilst giving thanks to the bounteous sea that surrounds and sustains them, the church is well liked by all of the people they minister. The strong and unwavering structure of the Congregation makes up for the otherwise lacking leadership that the area suffers.

The Eyeless Order The Soul
Neutral Good
Law, Magic, Rune, Void
A relatively small but disproportionately influential organisation, the Blind Sisters of the Eyeless Order are made up of a network of convents across Ledderland. It has long been their mission to touch the stuff of the Soul, the force that binds our world together. To this end, they are studious in their pursuit of arcane knowledge and learning, particularly in the school of divination. Whilst true Sisters are the nuns that reside within the convents, there are other members of their church that hail from more diverse walks of life to go out into the world at large to complete tasks in the church’s name.

The First College The Soul
Lawful Neutral
Artifice, Law, Knowledge, Void
Dedicated to the study of the world that surrounds them and understanding the forces that bind it, the First College is the greatest font of learning in Serindar. Whilst they study any and everything that they see around them, they take particular interest in the forces that bind and control. Unlike the Eyeless, they do not think that answers lie in the arcane but rather in understanding and manipulation of the laws of creation itself.

The Family The Heart
Chaotic Good
Good, Healing, Luck, Protection
The Family looks to its own and its own are all that live within the wide world of creation. Living as ones blessed by the intense and personal love of the Godhead, the Family encourage all to follow their own paths and trust to the Heart and its love for them. There is no hierarchy within the family, only a group of people who have come together beneath the love of the Godhead and live with absolute faith that they will always provide.

Churches of the Godhead

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