House Namteal

Race: Marid
Leader: King Matthias III
Council Representative: Prince Matthias IV
Lands: Nietrno, Namraic Islands and Sairtora

Fickle, changeable and prone to whimsy, House Namteal are the most unpredictable of the noble houses of Serindar. They secured their place on the council thanks to their unmatched mastery of the worlds oceans, a turning point in the later stages of the Primal War, but have never fully been on board with the whole ‘protect and serve the people’ part of the job.

Whilst they carry out their duties with a grudging acceptance, so as not to lose their lofty position on the political landscape, the water genies would much rather indulge their own desires than truly rule. Thanks to this, the peoples who are governed by the Namteal enjoy much more independence than the inhabitants of other lands. Power has largely been devolved from the nobles of the house down to mortal governors and local bureaucrats.

If a member of House Namteal wanders into town, they are treated with the utmost respect and reverence, given everything they ask for and usually wander off as soon as they grow tired of the little folk. This arrangement suits them well enough and only becomes tiresome when their lack of oversight leads to a break down in order and they are forced to intervene.

Nietrno, the northern half of the central continent, and Sairtora, the northern half of the eastern continent, enjoy the most freedom as the marid prefer not to walk on solid ground as it weakens their power. The Namraic Islands, therefore, suit them much better and are constantly playing host to a number of the nobles come up from their underwater palaces.

House Namteal

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