The Demigods

Whilst the Godhead remains the one and only true God on Serindar, he is not alone in the divine sphere. Whenever great need arises in the world: a people in need of a champion, a cause in need of defending, a task in need of completion – the Godhead would create a demigod for the task.

Estimates differ, especially given the difficulty in discerning the difference between powerful mortals and true demigods, the current agreement is that slightly more than a dozen demigods definitely exist. It is not uncommon to find those who revere a particular demigod as a full divine entity, seeing them as more directly involved in the business of the world than the vague and distant Godhead, although the major churches of the Godhead insist that such worship is tantamount to heresy.

Lawful Good
Good, Law, Strength, War
The First Demigod, Gyd led the Primal War to tame Serindar. As the champion that brought order to Serindar, he is the most revered of demigods and the most widely worshipped.

Lawful Good
Knowledge, Magic, Rune
The Giant Sage, Ysmo was born to push the boundaries of arcane knowledge upon Serindar. Of all the demigods, he is the only one with a consistent and known home. He lives in hermitage atop the great mountain Langast in his gargantuan tower. He is happy to encourage learning and diligent study amongst the mortals but will only rarely share his own vast knowledge. For Ysmo there is more power in learning a thing than simply in knowing it.

Neutral Good
Luck, Sun, Travel
The Sun Chaser, Leon was born to strive. His task of following the sun and crossing every horizon before him is one he can never complete but one that he will continue to pursue unto eternity. His charmed life serves as a lesson to all mortals in perseverance and the value of the journey above that of the destination.

Neutral Good
Charm, Healing, Protection
The Red Princess, Ruby brings light and love to the world. Purely a force for good and the protection of those who cannot protect themselves, she is known widely as the kindest of the demigods. Her presence is a balm to the hearts and minds of those mortals lucky enough to encounter her and she is much loved throughout Serindar.

Chaotic Good
Chaos, Glory, Liberation, Protection
The Child of Light, Cullain was placed upon Serindar to bring a spark of the unexpected. Though order is the way of life since the Primal War, too much of anything can make you sick. Cullain is a wandering warrior, a smiling face upon the concept of chaos.

Chaotic Good
Animal, Earth, Plant, Weather
The Sapphire Guardian, Woaden was born to guard the wild places of the world and prevent their exploitation. Said to wander from sacred wood to blessed mountaintop, the blue guardian watches and keeps the balance.

Lawful Neutral
Artifice, Knowledge, Law
The Grand Maker, Ektrix is an engineer beyond mortal equal. The workshops he has built across the lands of Serindar produce the vast majority of the technology used across the world. A master of mechanics and their fusion with the powers of the arcane, it is said that there is no end to the marvels that Ektrix gives to the world.

Community, Knowledge, Nobility
The Philosopher Prince, Jaden was sent to Serindar to spread the message of learning to the people of the world. Holding himself with the noble air that his title suggests, Jaden is an enigmatic and inscrutable sovereign who values the togetherness of all peoples and their collective enlightenment above all else.

Chaotic Neutral
Darkness, Madness, Ruins, Void
The Doom Teller, Heplo was sent from Serindar into the reaches of the dark night sky to find out what lay in the great beyond. She returned changed. Unwilling to share what she saw out there in the cold reaches of space, she speaks now only of the doom that is inevitable for all creation. Whilst some are terrified by her message, others embrace the idea that the world they know is doomed to end.

Chaotic Neutral
Destruction, Fire, Strength
The Girl Who Burns was the first daughter of the Godhead and came to the world full of a blazing need to prove herself amongst her elder brothers. Always ready to brawl and revel, Pyrah is known for her fighting spirit and utter disregard for collateral damage.

Lawful Evil
Destruction, Evil, Trickery
The Oathbreaker, Dow was made to balance the terror that Logen had wrought upon the mortal lands and bring him into line. He quested for years, pursuing his target and attempting to reason with the madman, eventually calming him and calming his need for blood. As time wore on though, Dow came to see how much less Logen had become when he lost his rage and turned on him, hoping to see the return of the madness that had brought him strength. After successfully returning Logen to his frenzied state, Dow’s name became a byword for betrayal.

Neutral Evil
Death, Evil, Trickery
The Dread Baron, Edi was created to ease the passage from life to death but, as he saw how people feared him and were unwilling to accept his embrace, he became corrupted. Soon, he grew to resent his task and revel not in the transition but in death itself and fooling mortals into meeting their ends.

Chaotic Neutral
Chaos, Madness, Strength, War
The Bloody Berserker, Logen is rage personified. Whilst the Godhead is divine, they are not above base emotions and it was in a bout of frustration and anger with the mortal world that they shaped Logen. The personification of battle frenzy, Logen exists only to fight and kill with the most primal anger.

The Demigods

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