The Gydian Council

A divine mandate secured the Gydian Council’s rule and they rule absolutely. Every land falls under the stewardship of one of the five Houses that make up the council: Jexan, Carleoc, Namteal, Ko or Ilcandari. Between them, they have total control of Serindar and take a heavy hand in its ruling. Each House has a single seat on the council, held by whoever the House chooses to send as representative.

Whilst each House has it’s own seat of power, the council itself resides in the mighty Emerald Fortress: a floating castle 600 feet tall and 2 miles across. This mobile base allows them complete security and a vantage from which they can arrive at full strength wherever they are needed.

Though the Council are a force for good in the world, they are also dogmatic in their adherence to the task they were created to perform. The stability of Serindar is what matters to them above all and they do not shy away from taking extreme measures to ensure it. It is far from unheard of for the Emerald Fortress to appear above a town afflicted by some scourge and completely wipe it from existence rather than let the infection spread across the land.

This tendency, along with the thoroughly inhuman nature of those who sit on the Council, causes tension between the Council and the mortal races they preside over. Whilst the population is largely content that the Council is a force for good that keeps Serindar from falling into the chaos that reigned before the Primal War, there are more than a few that wish for their own sovereignty, the chance to decide their own fates rather than be forced down the righteous path.

The Gydian Council

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