The Primal War

Once, Serindar knew only war. Tribes, nation states and the beasts of the land all vied for control of every inch of territory. It was a time of dread warlords and tyrannical dragons; of brutal hordes and machiavellian princes. The Godhead saw this and judged it unbefitting of his creation.

Taking the primordial clay, the Godhead shaped its first son. The godling Gyd was thus born and sent to Serindar to bring order to the world. Crafted by the Godhead’s mighty right hand, made from the very stuff of creation, Gyd was an irresistible force.

Gyd fought on every battlefield he could find, slaying millions that he deemed unworthy of life in the new world he had been tasked with creating. Where he saw monsters he created corpses. Where he found tyrants he left rivers of blood. Where he came upon disorder he forged law. So it was through the Years of Sundering as Gyd broke the world and put it back together in his parent’s image.

Once Gyd was content that the foundations were in place, he rallied leaders around him that he knew could be trusted. Those who had followed him in his task of making this world more than a battleground brought their forces to bear beside him. Gyd had shifted the tide and now a mighty wave of goodness travelled with him as he continued his task of cleansing the land. The Years of Reaping had begun.

With his unimaginably large armies, Gyd travelled every inch of Serindar and brought low the forces of darkness. Every warchief was slain. Every dark beast was brought low. Every unworthy was judged. Gyd looked upon the world he had shaped, free from war and blood, and he named it worthy.

His task finally complete, he selected five from amongst those who had stood with him and named them the lords of this land. Their descendants would keep the peace, keep the order and keep this world safe in his absence. This was the formation of the Gydian council and the end of the Primal War. Gyd returned to his parent and sits, to this day, upon the Godhead’s right hand.

The Primal War

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