Serindar is a world at peace. For a thousand years only the darkest corners of the world have held anything that one could consider danger. Every land has been systematically cleansed of the beasts and evils that once plagued them.

Under the smothering stewardship of the Gydian council, this peace has been secured and solidified. The immortals who sit on the council are diligent and careful, knowing that the peace will only hold as long as they can guarantee the safety of the masses.

To this end, the Conflux was built – a gargantuan, marble tower that has allowed travel from the surface of Serindar to it’s largest moon, Boam.

Under the guise of expansion, the council has begun to siphon off any that they consider ‘uncontrollable elements’. Uncommon races, political dissidents, heroes with nothing left to fight against (except perhaps the council itself) are all being rounded up and sent on this grand new adventure.

Taking these people off of Serindar is useful but settling them on Boam has its own advantages. Untapped natural resources lie scattered across the moon, not to mention all the space there is up there to establish new territories. Agents from all of the ruling Houses that make up the council have made their way to Boam to claim what they can for their masters.

To this strange land, part prison and part colony and completely untamed, our heroes must travel. Whether you were press ganged into leaving your home, convicted of a crime serious enough to warrant the punishment of transportation or volunteered for your own reasons (or for the benefit of whoever is pulling your strings) you are about to embark on your journey. Make sure you are prepared.

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