The Ragged Edge

A peninsula of the northern continent of Boam, the Ragged Edge juts from the mainland and into the turbulent Belt Sea almost halfway to the southern continent. A land of grand forests and rolling hills, it remains one of the wildest and most unchanged portions of Boam.

Since the early days of settlement here, only two towns have managed to take root and thrive on the Ragged Edge: Veilfen in the centre and Forbaston to the south. Veilfen, nestled between the Tribal Hills to the west and the great, unnamed forest to the east, enjoys a relative amount of safety and comfort thanks to the efforts of its inhabitants. Forbaston, close to the dead forests of the Poisoned Lands, is in a somewhat more precarious position but has managed to flourish thus far.

Far to the North of the bastions of civilisation, the Shiverspine mountains separate the Ragged Edge from the mainland of the northern continent. Treacherous and near impassible, these mountains allow only a single point of easy crossing at Grey Pass. The pass, thankfully, is held at either end by fortresses built and garrisoned by the Breakers.

The Forest of Myth in the north west is home to a wood elf nation, reclusive and largely unknown to the settlers who have yet to make headway in that direction. Rumours have travelled south that the kobold settlements, Tofts, of Rungi and Tuni have been established on a slow march from their caverns to stage a war against the wood elves. News of the recent completion of the kobold stronghold, Fort Dundundun, would seem to corroborate that notion.

To the north east, there sits a lonely fortress. Word has begun to travel that the ancient place, the abandoned hold of an ancient necromancer, has recently been cleansed and occupied by a ranging force sent from Serindar by the Knights of Zwei. Perhaps a new faction friendly to the forces of civilisation has arrived?

The Poisoned Lands and Amadochi swamp remain entirely wild and untamed thanks to their aggressive denizens, well known for repelling any of an adventurous enough spirit to wander too far into them. The Amadochi lizardfolk are notoriously territorial and have refused any diplomatic efforts to gain entry to their swamp. The Poisoned Lands, dead and scourged as it is, simultaneously holds little appeal to settlers and a great deal of danger so is usually avoided at all costs.

The Ragged Edge

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