House Carleoc

Race: Silver Dragons
Leader: Commander Shrike
Council Representative: Lady Dellina
Lands: The High Roost and The All Winter

The silver dragons of House Carleoc where the first faction to rally behind Gyd in the Primal War. Having suffered for centuries before his arrival at the hands of all manner of evil and lawless knaves that they did not possess the power to defeat, Gyd’s coming was their salvation. To this day, they remain the most fiercely loyal to the task of the council.

Known for their might and their iron grip on the lands they rule, the Carleoc are a ferocious force in the world. Not standing for even one whiff of disorder or heresy, their grand inquisitions are infamous across Serindar as the prime example of the Council’s brutality. Whilst it is true that House Carleoc are strict and dogmatic in their service of Gyd, they truly believe that all they do is for the greater good.

Their lands of the High Roost and the All Winter cover the north and south poles of Serindar and encompass the area surrounding the poles all the way to the sea. They are bleak, hard places to live for races more fit for temperate climates but they are far from desolate places. The mineral wealth in both kingdoms is more than sufficient to sustain a thriving population that enjoys the fiercest protection in Serindar.

House Carleoc

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