House Ilcandari

Race: Sphinx
Leader: Arbitress Pike
Council Representative: Arbitress Pike
Lands: Ledderland

When judgement is required, House Ilcandari are the last word. Drawn from the wisest sphinx that have lived, with the oldest and wisest sitting at their head, the word of House Ilcandari is law. On the council, they remain neutral in all matters until called on to make the decisions that the other houses cannot come to a consensus on.

It was Arbitress Pike herself that first divided the lands amongst the council, having watched them devolve into petty squabbling over the placement of borders and division of resources. Since then she has taken her role as Serindar’s highest authority with a quiet reverence.

Their territory of Ledderland is well looked after and kept. With a member of the house sitting in every population centre to make decisions that they deem the small folk incapable of deciding fairly, they keep order and strive for cold logic in all things. It is a utilitarian, almost collectivist, land to live in and, whilst some would call such an existence soulless, the result is a society that maintains the greatest good for as many as it can.

House Ilcandari

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