House Ko

Race: Phoenix
Leader: Empress Phaesta
Council Representative: Duchess Kline
Lands: Dettaland

Although distant from their subjects, the phoenix of House Ko are fair and balanced rulers. Despite their predilection toward solitary and cloistered lives, they are more than willing to make time for their shared duty of ruling Dettaland and sitting on the council. Their style of government is open and transparent, listening intently to the issues brought to them by their mortal charges.

There are said to be no more than a dozen members of House Ko but, it is told, they were amongst the most instrumental warriors in the Primal War. The Empress Phaesta herself apparently died and blazed back to life more than a thousand times in her dedicated service to Gyd.

Dettaland, sat in the north west of Serindar, is an arid land and yet the teachings of the Ko have allowed large populations to sustain themselves through means arcane and mystical. There is little want in Dettaland and its inhabitants are largely happy with their lot.

House Ko

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