The Godhead

The Godhead is understood to be the singular god of Serindar. Creator and carer, it was the Godhead that made and sent Gyd to pull Serindar from its chaotic state and transform it into the land of order it is today.

Whilst the Godhead is considered a singular deity, it is also understood that they contain the plurality of all creation within them. As such, the worship of the Godhead is split into sects that revere one of the five aspects.

The Right Hand
By their Right Hand, the Godhead creates and cradles.
Worshippers of the Right Hand see the good and greatness of the Godhead. They aspire to create and care just as the Godhead does and take an active role in the events of the world around them. It is their duty to both smite the darkness and nurture the light.

The Left Hand
By their Left Hand, the Godhead burns and destroys.
The left hand is the balance to the right. Just as there is darkness in the world, there is darkness in the Godhead. Not everything can be a creation, for sometimes the forest must burn for the seeds to grow anew. Worshippers of the left hand believe that through discord, old orders can be removed and new ones can thrive. Destruction, to them, is a necessary part of change.

The Body
By their Body, the Godhead gives of themself that we may have.
It is said that the Primal Clay that formed all of creation is, in fact, the mortal body of the Godhead. Thus we all live within them and are surrounded by them at all times. Worshippers of the body hold deep reverence for all things natural and made since they see everything within creation as a direct part of the Godhead. It is their practice to preserve all the material that the Godhead provided the world to live.

The Soul
By their Soul, the Godhead feels us all.
The Soul is understood to be the permeation of the Godhead throughout the world. Not the physical material but rather the very fabric that binds reality to itself and stops creation from falling apart. Worshippers of the Soul hold to a creed of our interconnection. They see creation as a tapestry that we all are merely characters upon. They revere those fundamental forces of nature, time, gravity, etc., that bind creation to reality.

The Heart
By their Heart, the Godhead loves us.
We are all the creations of the Godhead. They placed us upon this world and they love us all. If we stray from the righteous path then it is a wound within the Godhead’s heart for they love us and want to see us thrive. Worshippers of the heart believe it is their duty to extend the Godhead’s intangible love and make it felt within creation.

The Godhead

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